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Parent Expectations

To keep children safe, we expect parents to be onsite and available for children under the age of 10, unless they are taking a class.

If the child, under the age of 10, is not in a class, he/she is not allowed to be in the building without their parent/guardian or designated responsible adult.

Due to liability requirements, children must be accompanied by their parent or designated responsible adult if they are outside of the building anywhere within the church grounds including the playground areas. 

If you choose to have another adult be the responsible party for your child/children, you must have a completed & signed Responsible Adult form on file with the co-op designating the supervising adult of your choice. Forms are available at the Welcome Center in the lobby.

Student Expectations

We ask that our students show thoughtfulness and respect to all tutors/parents, other students and church staff, as well as the building and premises.

We ask that our students be willing to accept guidance and correction from adults and/or teens in charge of classes and activities.

We expect healthy, intelligent language. We do not allow foul language, rude jokes, or bullying. 

No sexual harassment will be tolerated. In addition, climbing on/being disrespectful to church property, kicking, slapping, and/or pushing is not permitted.