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Membership Renewal Instructions

Membership Renewal Instructions:

  • Please read the following instructions carefully, then proceed.

  • To begin, Log-in to the REACH Kzoo website with your username and password. If you do not remember your username and password please use the CONTACT US post-it icon and we will get back with you as quickly as we are able. 

  • Once you have logged in, Click on the PROFILE button along the top of the page. This will take you to your family profile. Proceed carefully down through this page.


    • Your child needs to be listed on your family profile with the correct age, DOB, and grade level for the upcoming academic year. This will allow you to sign them up for activities as well as allow the student to have access to their current classroom dashboards with  assignments, grades, and attendance information.

    • Children that are not taking classes (Inactive) may attend field trips or other events but they must be listed in the family profile in order for you to sign them up for future events.

    • Graduated or Inactive students need to remain on your family profile so the class archives database doesn't get messed up. Grades should be advanced until "Graduate" is achieved and leave them in the profile. 

  •  Update all information for the upcoming year (ie. grade for 2024-2025, emails, etc.).

  • Make sure students 6th grade and up have an email listed (also used for their username) and a password. This will allow them to access the dashboards created for their classes and related class information. Student access on the Members Only website has limitations.  If students use their parent's username/password they will have FULL access to ALL aspects of the members only website from sign ups to changing classes. Parent  usernames and passwords are intended for parent use only. 

  • A red asterisk (*) indicates a required field. Some items require electronic signatures. Please review the associated information and sign electronically.  

  • Pay the annual membership fee of $60.00 (non-refundable). If your account does not show a $60.00 BALANCE, you will need to be issued an invoice. Please use the "Contact Us" form to notify our volunteer treasurer that you need an invoice.

  • As soon as your Profile Update is Confirmed, you will be sent an email INVOICE for the Annual Membership Fee. 

  • If your Membership renewal is not completed by May 15, 2024, full access to the members-only portion of the website will be terminated.

  • Your membership must be in active standing before you will be able to sign up or register for any classes or activities. 

If you have questions, please use the CONTACT US option which can be found at the bottom of each webpage.